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We want the WebPageTest blog to become one of your favorite, most useful web performance blogs and we can’t do it without you!

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We’re looking for a diverse group of performance professionals who love to share their findings, teaching, and optimization accomplishments with developers, SEO specialists, and performance engineers who share their passion.

anchorWhat to write?

Here at WebPageTest, we’re all about performance and are looking for content that helps our community achieve their optimization goals. We’ve outlined the types of articles and topics below.

Deep-Dive Articles

We’re looking for deep-dive, well-researched articles on subjects related to optimizing web performance.

Topics include:

  • Browser Loading Updates
  • Reading Performance Data
  • Web Page Loading Dissection and Optimization
  • Performance / UX Metrics (like Core Web Vitals) Breakdowns
  • Monitoring or Web Page Testing Approaches
  • Insightful Analysis of Live Web Pages

We prefer positive analysis of high-performing pages and/or possible improvements for lower-performing sites. This is a public forum, we’re not in the game of “shaming” anyone. You won’t find anyone more critical of their performance, than the development and operations teams themselves.

Here is an amazing example from Jake Archibald on his deep-dive series on ‘Who has the fastest F1 website in 2021’.


We’re looking for excellent “how-to”/step-by-step guides involving WebPageTest data, tests, or API integrations.

Topics include:

  • Building an integration using the WebPageTest API
  • How you used WebPageTest to optimize your site
  • How to use WebPageTest in unique and impactful ways

anchorOfficial Author Program Coming Soon

We are finalizing an official authorship program and will publish the details shortly.

If you are interested in contributing, fill out this form and our team will reach out with more information.

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